Protecting Your Rights And Privileges

Welcome to the Texas Cigar Merchants Association.

We hope to make this site a center of information and an organizing resource as we fight against smoking bans, higher cigar taxes, and unfair government regulation.

TxCMA Believes

- cigars are a legal product and therefore consumers should be free to use it.  While there are places where smoking should be prohibited, we believe it is unfair and against common sense to outlaw it in cigar shops, whose sole purpose is to consume cigars.

-  taxes are the responsibility of all individuals.  Taxes should not be created to target specific businesses or industries.  If the State needs to raise more funds, it should be everyone’s burden and not placed solely on cigar retailers,  manufacturers and consumers.

- consumers, in a free marketplace, can and will make the best decisions about how they spend their money.   The State should not impose needless regulation that adds to the cost of individual products that ultimately increases prices, reduce sales, destroys wealth and kills jobs.

We invite all Texas tobacco retailers to join join us in the fight to protect your rights.  Our voices are loudest with greater numbers.


"We must hang together...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately"

- Ben Franklin