IPCPR GOES 'VIRAL' AGAINST FDA Former IPCPR Board member Jeff Borysiewicz has prepared and posted a YouTube video that explains the background of IPCPR actions and what you can do regarding FDA control over tobacco products. Check it out for a good layman's explanation of what's going on in Washington D.C
SMOKING BAN KILLING BRITISH PUBS The drop in trade following the smoking ban in Britain has been worse than expected and one in three pubs may close as a result.
MYTH OF SMOKING BAN 'MIRACLES' Restrictions on smoking around the world are claimed to have had a dramatic effect on heart attack rates. It's a pack of lies
'TELL IT TO THE JUDGE' SAY CIGARETTE COMPANIES TO FDA Those ugly FDA packaging mandates are being taken to court by a coalition of tobacco companies. They claim the proposed graphic imagery violates their constitutional rights. Duh!
PENNSYLVANIA LAWYER SIDES AGAINST FDA CONTROL OF CIGARS Here's a lawyer who asks "Do we really need the FDA to crack down on cigar smokers?" What he says and how he says it is what most reasonable Americans believe. By the way, if anyone needs a lawyer in Carlisle, PA, here's one you might want to check out.
CLEAN LIVING NO SECRET TO LIVING LONGER, BETTER Enjoy yourself! That may be the best advice you can get for living longer, better. Clean living is overrated and not what it's cracked up to be.
ALTADIS U.S.A. FORMS PREMIUM CIGAR DIVISION Javier Estades has been named General Manager, Premium Cigars U.S.A. for Altadis' new U.S. division.
MARIJUANA MADE LEGAL? Don't count on it being passed any time soon, but a bill co-sponsored by Reps. Barney Frank and Ron Paul, of all people, would repeal federal penalties for production, distribution and possession of marijuana and would leave legitimizing it to the states.